Saturday, 29 December 2012

CGA League Game with sinsai

This was one of my memorable games in 2012. Sinsai is a fast-improving young player.
I was still confident about winning considering his strength at the time of the game.
White played some slow moves in the first half of the game but nonetheless had the lead.

What's memorable about this game is the 2nd half. I was trying not only to win, but also to play stronger moves.

White 138/140 nice combo! It's rare for me to read 20+ moves ahead but this game
was one such exception -- white 160 was the last important move to make sure the whole plan worked.

test goswf

test eidogo

<div class="eidogo-player-auto">

RU[Japanese]SZ[19]HA[2]KM[0.50]TM[0]OT[3x10 byo-yomi]
PW[bigbadwolf]PB[efbdfei]WR[9d]BR[7d]DT[2012-12-24]PC[The KGS Go Server at]AB[pd][dp]C[efbdfei [7d\]: hi
;W[cn]WL[10]OW[3]C[bigbadwolf [9d\]: hi
;B[de]BL[10]OB[3]C[okiol [2k\]: YAY!!
;B[pq]BL[10]OB[2]C[chiron [?\]: e2 is just what they do...
;B[gh]BL[10]OB[2]C[JZ2014 [2d\]: If you want an alple,  I'll show you an alple tree; If you want an alple tree, I'll show you an secrect garden!
;W[ek]WL[10]OW[2]C[nachodude [-\]: what is an alple?
;B[dm]BL[10]OB[2]C[Kmar [1d\]: wow, I was focused on this stupid bot and 9d was playing ! :(
K5 [1d?\]: I want a secret garden
;W[gm]WL[10]OW[2]C[zife [3d\]: blitzzz
;W[kl]WL[10]OW[2]C[chiron [?\]: b outflanked
;W[kj]WL[10]OW[2]C[nachodude [-\]: that bot is not stupid
;B[ki]BL[10]OB[2]C[Kmar [1d\]: :)
;W[lj]WL[10]OW[2]C[nachodude [-\]: i want bbw to play it k
;B[ni]BL[10]OB[1]C[lyt [4k\]: zen needs a couple more years for 9ds
;W[nh]WL[10]OW[2]C[lyt [4k\]: or now just use more computeres
;W[lc]WL[10]OW[2]C[spot [4k\]: so toast
;W[jc]WL[10]OW[2]C[chiron [?\]: poor efbdfei
;B[pf]BL[10]OB[1]C[okiol [2k\]: the computer power's effect on the playing streangth's second derivative is negative, more power -> slower progress, sure you can add power, but you will have to add ridicolous amounts
;W[sg]WL[10]OW[2]C[bigbadwolf [9d\]: thx
around1k: O.o
K5 [1d?\]: t12 instead of s15?
nasse: t13 works then as well