Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Another Go Party At Lao Ruan's Place

Last weekend some local Chinese Go players had another party at Lao Ruan's Quizno's store.
Lao Ruan kindly calls for a party like this a few times a year. For most people it's the main occasion to play face-to-face games with fellow Go friends.

Usually Lao Ruan is busy with his business in the store and can only play a game or two after the peak hours. This time he decided to give Li Jun a serious challenge. Somehow this became a group participation game. Both players constantly got comment and suggestions from people around the board. We not only wanted to help Lao Ruan out but also make the game entertaining. At move 189 the game seemed won by black. However that's the where the best part started, and the following fight was very nice. In the end white caught up a lot but black managed to maintain a lead of about 10 points on board. It's a game full of laughters and the funnest one in recent memory.

Thanks Jun for providing kifu. He also found out a way for white to live locally, at move 220.