Saturday, 16 March 2013

2013 Montreal Winter Cup

This annual tournament is my favourite time of every February. A gathering of strong players in the region, good friendships, beautiful tournament venue -- what more can a Go player ask for?

Full tournament photo album can be found here:

In round 2, I was paired with Remi. I lost the game but was glad that it did not appear Remi can give me 2 stones after his training in BIBA Korea, :) On the technical side, I played the game with good fighting spirit. I don't like certain moves/choices I made, and at my level it is also hard to do better. For those interested, I have marked up the game with lots of variation and commentaries.

I have participated in the tournament 4 years in a row since 2010. Every time I got paired with James Sedgwick 6d. Now it is clear mid-aged players like James and myself will face tough head-wind battle against strong young players in the region: Daniel, Remi, Manuel, and so on.

Hanxi vs Remi game with commentaries