Sunday, 16 March 2014

Old player's bragging right

This is a 5x10sec blitz game I played recently with a KGS friend, who is decades younger.

One of my weaknesses is the obsession to kill stones -- when it works out it's really fun. Pros
often say the power to fight/kill should be used as a threat, and at more advanced levels players
tend to sacrifice as opposed to kill.  I agree with that totally, however for now I'll enjoy another
big kill as a bragging right.

The kill starts at move 73, and I did not even waste one 10 sec period until the end. White may 
have been able to escape but overall it is difficult for him. The moves for black are not that hard.
Considering it's a blitz game, my focus and determination are worth some shameless self promotion.  If I can put heart on things like this, I may be able to achieve more.