Saturday, 25 June 2016

A Satisfactory Move

From my personal experience, one of the most rewarding moment playing Go is when you find a satisfying move. Here is a scenario in a game I played earlier this year.

I was white. Black just played the circled move, and now white needs to settle down both the corner and the centre. Note that black's group on right is not strong, something for white to take advantage of.

The normal knight's move will not get white good results. Black can simply answer at 2, and now black is all connected and white has two weak groups. Similarly if white plays A black will also answer at 2.

It took me a few minutes to find this big knight's move which was my choice in the game. It makes a big difference because: 1) it helps the corner 3-3 stone to live without making that the only choice for white. 2) it puts more pressure on black's right group. 3) it demands immediate connection with white stones in the centre.

This is one example if black attempts to separate white. Black has his own weaknesses and it's easy for white to live both groups comfortably. Black risk having his core territory destroyed.


In the game, black tried to separate white from another direction with 1 and 3. White 4 is a move I am proud of! It forces black to give in with black 5. After white 6 block, no matter where black chooses to cut, white's position in upper-right board is very flexible and active.

In retrospect, black 1 could be a better answer, fixing his owning weakness first. White may jump at 2, to put pressure on multiple black groups. It will be a very interesting fight from this position.

It was for sure a beautiful game!

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